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Mental Hiatus

Mental Hiatus

So, I know I was totally lame and started this blog with the best intentions of posting 2-3 times a week but I completely lost focus. The holidays started and I was trying to finish up some homemade presents to get them in the mail in time for Christmas and wasn’t really able to make other things. Well, not many other things. I also tried a couple new things and my mind just wasn’t feeling the “FUN” of crocheting. I decided to step away from the hooks for a little while and take a break. I did manage to pick up the hook a couple of times for a few small projects. Like these Ultra Cool beanies that the kids just loved!


And these wrist warmers.

After thinking for a while I decided I will rework this blog a bit. I love to crochet and create new things but I really don’t want to turn my fun hobby into a job. So I am going to blog about more than just crocheting. I’ve decided to pretty much blog about what ever my heart desires. Of course there will be crochet but there will also be reviews on products and recipes, tutorials on projects I do, and whatever personal or not so personal things I decide to share with you. I feel like I already mini blog on Facebook. Some of you are my Facebook friends and you know that I am quick to post about any awesome deals I run across or cool products I try, recipes I make, and tons of other things so I figured why not put it all here?!? So, stay tuned for a mini tutorial on a pretty neat project I did yesterday and hopefully other amazingly awesome things!


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