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Some of my Homemade gifts and other random.

So now that Christmas is over I think it is safe to post some of the gifts I made for Christmas.  🙂

Here is my “Lobster” modeling a pretty flower hair clip I made her. On a side note you should check out her pretty awesome/funny blog on cooking! A Spoon Full of Shugar!

A scoodie!


The front and back of a flower center hat I made for her.

And here are two purses I made for the cutest little girls in my life. I used this pattern to make the owl one and added on the eyes and beak from this pattern and the flower from this pattern. This is where my inspiration came from. For the Hello Kitty purse I used this pattern with a little adjustments.

Now here is the random… A scarf I made for my husband, an infinity scarf, and a moebius scarf/cowl.

This is my handsome husband ❤ wearing the scarf I made for him… I used my own pattern but didn’t write it down. Basically I made a chain as long as he wanted the scarf to be. I think it was around 150, give or take a few, using a J crochet hook. Then I did one row of half double crochets all the way across. On the following rows I also did half double crochet all the way across but I did it in the back loops only to give it the ribbed texture. I continued this until it was as thick as he wanted.

Here is the pattern for this Infinity Scarf.

And here is the pattern for this Moebius scarf which I LOVE!

I hope you guys liked these!


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