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A Granny a Day…… or maybe not!

Ok so the idea was fantastic.. I ran across this blog and this lady does a granny square a day and at the end of a month or maybe two she has a blanket. It all depends on the size of the squares she uses. I thought this was brilliant and thought to my self, “I think I can do this too!” I started out strong. Over 3 days I made 6 squares. Maybe I started out too strong because I got bored quickly. (this boredom thing is an ongoing problem with me) I really didn’t want to give up on this project so I am going to strive for a min 3 grannys a week. These three squares could take me one day or all week. As long as there are at least 3 a week. I am determined to make a blanket!!

Here are the 6 squares I have made so far with the links to their patterns. These are all 12″ squares. Oh and I guess I should tell you before you start wondering why the colors on the squares don’t match that this is going to be a completely mismatched blanket. 🙂 Also I should tell you that these all need to be blocked and I haven’t done that yet so don’t mind the weird shape.

Just Meshin’ Around


Blooming Granny

Wish Upon A Star

More V’s Please

Easter Day Square

Out of these I just absolutely LOVE the Blooming Granny! What’s your fave??

I have three new patterns printed out and I plan to get started as soon as I jump off here.  😀


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  1. I absolutely love this idea!! What is the time frame like for a beginner to make a granny square?? My fav is Easter Day!

    • Well the Easter Day is a pretty easy one but since you have never crocheted before I would start with a basic granny square. Maybe something like this tutorial … but you really should start with the basics. This is a great video to start and they have other videos As far as how long it takes really depends on you. Once you learn the basics it goes pretty fast.


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