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Purse/hobo bag

Well. I am still not very good at making my own patterns so for right now I will be showing you projects I have made from other patterns. I will always link to the original pattern.

This week I made a hobo purse using this pattern by Sarahndipities. She has a really cute site with lots of great ideas. You should check it out sometime.

I ran across the pattern on, yeah you guessed it, Pinterest. (it’s just a great one stop place for everything) The bag was uber cute and I wanted to make it. I love that the pattern gives you some pictures But I did run into a few snaffoos (sp?) along the way. We will get into those more later on.

Here is my finished product. I didn’t add a flower like she did but I do plan to make another one and add a flower on that one.

Oddly enough I had just been to Hobby Lobby and had picked up some yarn similar to what she used. (Ombre) So, I decided to go with that.

This is the yarn and hook I used.

Like her I took some pics along the way in hopes that they might help you out a little bit. You need to remember that most patterns will not be written for beginner and if you don’t have experience in some things it may be confusing to understand or you may just do it wrong because you don’t know where a stitch is supposed to go. I have made one bag that had a bottom. Luckily it was a video tutorial so I picked up on it pretty quickly. Here there isn’t really an explanation of what happens after row 14.

So… after row 13 you will have something that looks like this.

When you get to row 14 you will be working in back loops only which will give you the foundation (or lip) to work the bag up. It should look like then when looking at it flat. You will see a row of stitches on the outside that face up and not out like the rest of them.

When you get to row 15 you are going to start working you bag up. Make sure you work in the stitches facing up and not the one facing out. You hook should go here.

After you work a couple of rows you should have something looking like these pics.

If this is what you have then continue on! I decided to change colors along the way. You can change or not change. It’s up to you. When you get to the last couple rows it should be looking like this.

I used the same yarn and hook size as she did but I tend to crochet a little tight especially in Single Crochet so that’s why my opening looks a smaller than hers. It’s ok if yours does too.

Here is where I ran into a snafoo… I don’t really know if I read the pattern wrong or if this is the way it’s supposed to be but I really don’t like the placement of the straps.I thought the straps should be on the outer edges and not in the middle like that.

I am sure its something I did wrong but when I make another I will probably make the strap separately and whip stitch it on or just work it the way I want.   Her pattern is great and I still plan to use the bag for going to the farmers market or a quick run to the grocery store. In fact I intend to make many bags for shopping purposes. I am not sure if I will use solely this pattern but this one is a great place to start.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions please ask! Also….. leave me some comments on different stuff you would like to see on the blog. Anything you would like me to make and I will do my best to accommodate you. Thanks guys and HAPPY KNOTTING!


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