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DIY Candy Gram Gift basket

DIY Candy Gram Gift basket

This is just a quick little post on what I made my husband for Valentine’s day. This would be great for a birthday, anniversary, or just because. I followed two tutorial when I did this. Mostly for the ideas on what to write and what candy bars to use. I was pressed for time and decided last-minute to do this. I used this tutorial Quick Sweet Treats and this tutorial Candy Bar Love Notes. This blog The Dating Divas has tons of great ideas for gifts and keeping the spark in your relationship. I will definitely be using this site more in the future.

Well here is what I made.

I went to the dollar store and bought a balloon, the green basket, ribbon, and some shredded paper for the bottom. Then I headed to Wal-mart to buy the candy bars and paper. I also bought some decorative edge scissors since I didn’t have any.

With the pack of scrap booking paper I bought I wrote the messages and cut then glued them onto a bigger piece. I used a hole punch to put a hole in the corner to tie them on. Once I had all those made I used remaining paper to wrap all the candy bars so you couldn’t see what they were. Then using ribbon I tied the notes to the little packages and neatly placed them in the basket. While my husband was in the shower this morning getting ready for work I snuck out to the car and put this in the passenger seat. 😀

For the notes I wrote the message with a sharpie right on the paper. If you go to the tutorials I used they have printables if you don’t want to write it out your self. I opted to save the ink and do it my self. Here are mine. The only one I changed what the Orbit gum.

Rice Krispie Treat

Reece’s Pieces

Take 5


Box of animal crackers

Fast Break

Orbit Gum

Bag of nuts (I used cashews)






They used some other candies and chocolate in the tutorials but either I knew my husband wouldn’t eat them or they were sold out.

I hope you liked this and definitely check out The Dating Divas if you are looking for some cute gift ideas for that special someone… They even have ideas for guys to give their special ladies!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!



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