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DIY Reusable Swiffer anyone??

Hi there! I have a new crochet project for you guys. This one I have seen floating around Pinterest but I just did a google search to find the pattern this time.

This is what we are making today..

What is this?? Well, it is a Swiffer cover that you can reuse over and over again. Just through it in the washer and reuse!

Here is what they look like before you put it on the swifter.

All you need is one of the regular Swiffer. ($10) and this fits right on.

This is also reversible so you can swifter with one side, wipe off excess, and then mop with the other side. I personally like to use the fluffy side for both so I usually use two different one when I do the floor. I didn’t really like the way the mopping (flat) side worked. But you may find that you like it.

Here is the slightly embarrassing part. I hadn’t cleaned my floor in about 4-5 days. I have two dogs that for some reason are both shedding like crazy even in Mid Feb so my floor was a mess. At least you get to really see how it works. The fluffy side really picks up the dirt and dog hair really well. It doesn’t really pick up crumbs though. For that you still need a broom, vacuum or whatever you use. But here is what it looked like after a quick pass around my house.  Almost the whole house is wood flooring Which is a pain in he butt sometimes.

Eww gross! Right?!? But you can really see how it works. Since my house is mostly wood floor I really need to pass over it a could times or change pads in between. I like to keep 2-3 of these clean at all times. I know it sounds like a pain to have to change it but if you use a Swiffer of any kind you know that unless you are doing a small area you really do need to change out the pad or else it stops working. Having to use multi pads ends up costing lots of $$.. And who wants that! This pattern is really easy and works up in about an hour or two. Spend an afternoon making a few of these or make one every afternoon for a few days and you will have a nice supply. Here is what mine looked like after I reversed it and mopped with it.

I did this really quickly so I could get a pic for you guys so I didn’t take the time to really swifter before I mopped. Hence all the hair.

If you guys happen to have a good solution for dog hair being everywhere I would love to hear it. It drives me crazy and don’t know what to do aside from Swiffer, mop, and vacuum ever second of the day. :/

Some of you may have the Swiffer wet jet. This particular pattern wouldn’t really work for you but I am sure you could rework the pattern some to give it straps instead of the sock wrap. I just walk around my house armed with this.

I just dilute some Mr. Clean floor cleaner in an old spray bottle and spray the floor as I go.  🙂

Here is the pattern I used. It’s pretty self-explanatory and has great pics to help you along the way but I can help with what ever questions you may have.

How to Make a Reversible Swiffer Sock

I forgot to tell you on the second one I made. (the green one) I added an extra row of SC at the end. I felt like it fit the Swiffer a little better. That part is completely up to you.




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  1. thanks paris 🙂 im going to try this out today.


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