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Glamour Doll Eyes – Shadow Review

Another little did bit of information about me. I love make up! Particularly eye shadow. I am not afraid to experiment and love bright funky colors. Thanks to Go Go Girlfriend (another beauty sample membership program I am not happy with at the moment) I was introduced to Glamour Doll Eyes. ( apparently their site is closed till Feb 20th ) In a GGG box I received a couple of months ago there was a sample for one of their eye shadows and I completely fell in love.

(this was what I received. It’s called Tattooed. Very pretty bright shimmery violet.)

I really don’t know why it took me so long to finally look them up and see what else they had to offer but I am guessing it is because it was around Christmas time and I had other things on my mind. Well I finally decided to look them up a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised. Their selection of eye shadows was HUGE! It was so hard to decide what to pick. At first I was just going to order one or two but then I noticed my favorite thing about them…..They offer sample sizes to buy before you commit to the full jar! You can buy a .5 gram sample baggie for $1.25 or 1 gram in a  5 gram sample jar for $2.50. AND…… If you decide to buy a full size later they deduct the price of the sample you bought from the total! You just need to email them and let them know.

Is this AWESOME or what???

Well since I knew that I could try several colors I ended up ordering 16 different shades. Picking those were hard because I really wanted them all.. But I fully intend to place another order in the very near future. So let’s get on with the review!

This is the package it came in. (I can’t even tell you how excited I was to receive this) One thing made me a little sad 😦 I noticed that the package came from Las Vegas. Some of you don’t know this but this is my home town. We moved here to Edmond, OK 7 months ago and I am very homesick. Enough sadness and back to the excitement!

And this is what it looked like when I opened it!! YAY YAY YAY!

I requested to be sent a list. On this you can keep track of what you have and don’t have. There is a place to check off  sample bag, sample jar, and full size. It also lists the lip glosses. (which I haven’t tried) The list is free but you have to request it. It is in special items I think. I can’t look it up right now since the site is down. I highly recommend ordering this when you place an order since they have so many. Here is the front and back of the list and you can see where I have marked off the ones I have.  🙂

Now I am going to show you some color swatches for the ones I ordered. These are highly pigmented loose shadows.A little goes a long way. Especially with the darker more vibrant colors. I did the swatches over a primer so you can see exactly what they will look like on your eye. If you don’t use an eye primer I highly suggest using one. MAC, Too Faced, Urban Decay, and Stila all have great ones. Too Faced Shadow Insurance is what I used.

Typical girl, Brown Eyed Girl, and What’s My Name?

(from left to right)

Typical Girl is a really pretty lavender color and looks great on. What’s My Name? is a little light and took a couple of swipes to get the color to show. It could just be my skin tone. Brown Eyed Girl is nice color. It’s pretty plain but would blend well with other colors

Makin’ A Scene, Lovers Lane, and Angel Wings

I really like Makin’ A Scene. It’s a smoky bluish-black color with a sliver sparkle. Perfect for a night out. Lovers Lane is an odd color. It’s kind it looks very red in the package but when you put it on it’s a little more of a bronzy rust color. Still pretty but I’m not sure what I am going to do with it just yet. Angel Wings is a gorgeous shimmery white. It does take a couple of swipes to get an opaque color but it works great as a base or highlighter too. I like it for the inner corner of your eyes.

Bruised, Sex Appeal, and Unicorn

Bruised is a smoky blackish-purple color with iridescent sparkles. You can definitely layer this for a nice dark look or put it on wet for a liner. Sex Appeal is a grayish lavender color. It looks really pretty on. Unicorn is exactly what it should be! It’s a shimmery pink with a little silver hue to it. So Pretty and goes on perfectly.

Masquerade, Aqua Foil, Graves in May

This is probably my fave bunch of colors. It is a little hard to tell in the picture but Masquerade has a magenta hue to it. Goes on a little light but you can layer it to get the darker more dramatic effect. Aqua Foil is an AWESOME color. Definitely for the brave because it goes on exactly how you see it. I just love it and can’t wait to wear it. Graves in May is a nice neutral color. It is a grayish pink with a nice sparkle. Great to blend with other colors or to wear alone.

DinoSpotz (such a CUTE name), Cloud Coverage

DinoSpotz is a weird/cool color. It goes on brownish with an orange/red tint but…. it had a green shimmer to it. In the right light it’s a really cool green color. So hard to explain. It’s one of those you have to see to understand. I am not sure how to wear it just yet so I will have to do some experimenting. I can not say enough about Cloud Coverage. It is really hard to find a matte white that doesn’t take 100 layers to actually look white. This takes maybe one or two swipes tops. You are definitely going to want to use an eye primer with this to get the full effect but I think it would still look pretty nice with out it. I just don’t know that it would last. But that goes for most shadows.

Premonition, Just Bitten

Now these are my faves! Especially Premonition! (can you tell purple is my favorite color) Glamour Doll Eyes currently have 3 collections of shadows which are separate from the regular ones. They have a super hero themed one, circus theme with great colors I can’t wait to order, and a Twilight Saga themed one. If you haven’t already figured it out these 2 are from the Twilight collection. I am a total Twi-Heart (yes even at almost 30 years old!) so I couldn’t resist. On the site each color has its own name but they also tell you the character they were inspired by. Premonition of course, is Alice and Just Bitten is Bella. Premonition is my favorite color right now. It a really pretty purple with a slight shimmer. Just Bitten is a shimmery red/burgundy color. That goes on nice and bright and I love it.

Those are the 16 colors I ordered. I was super excited to see that they enclosed 2 free samples in my order!

This is what I got. 🙂

Hello Brooklyn, Stiletto

Hello Brooklyn is another shade for the brave (so many of their colors are) This color is a greenish black with a greenish glitter. Would be nice for a date or a night at the club. Definitely good if you are going for a sultry look. Stiletto is a matte magenta color. I don’t normally wear a lot of matte shades but I am willing to try!

So to sum it all up…. I am completely in LOVE with Glamour Doll Eyes products. I think I may even place an order after I am done with this  🙂 Oh shoot! I can’t ! The site is down till the 20th! Oh well. I will do it next week. I love all the different colors they offer because I am so bored with the same old colors all the time. Right now they offer shadows, glitter shadows, and lip gloss. I am hoping they come out with liners too. Even though with a wet liner brush you can use many of these colors as a liner but I personally like pencil or liquid liners. Also, I don’t know if you noticed or not but each shade tells you if the color is vegan or lip safe. I am not crazy about having to have vegan products but it is nice and I really like that they tell you if it is lip safe. But some clear gloss on or even chapstick and pat the shadow on for a nice bold color! But …… My absolute favorite part of Glamour Doll Eyes are the prices!

I am a total M.A.C. fan but they can get really pricey. $15 or more for a 1.5g shadow. You can get almost 3 different shades at GDE. These are loose shadows so they take a little getting used to if you have never used them but I like them better than pan shadows. They are easy to blend and easier to layer for a more vibrant color. At least that is my opinion.

Well I hope you liked this review. Please leave me comments if you want to see more review like this or let me know what you would like me to review.




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