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Make your own Decoupage Glue.

So I know a lot of you crafty folks spend a ton of money on things like Mod Podge or Collage Pauge when you want to decoupage something or glue down a puzzle or what ever other craft you are working on that calls for something like that. You know longer need to spend all that $$ on the name brand stuff. You can make your own! For less than half the price.


Here is what you need.

  • some white glue like Elmer’s
  • A jar to store it in
  • water
  • measuring cup

You are going to need equal parts glue and water to make sure your jar is big enough to hold all that. I used an old Starbuck’s Frappaccino bottle I happened to have

For my glue. I used Elmer’s Glue-All. I thought the Glue-All would work better for the project I had planned to use this with. But you can use regular Elmer’s School Glue for this too. If you stock up when they have the back to school sales imagine how cheap you can make this for. I bought 6 bottles at $.40 a piece back in August.

Pour your glue in. They were out of the smaller bottles when I bought this so I couldn’t put the whole bottle in but if you have enough room in your jar then go right ahead.

Now add equal parts water to the bottle.

It will probably look like this when you are done.

You can now put the top on and give it a good shake till it’s all mixed together.

Now you are ready to put your decoupage skills to work.

Just think of all the fun project you can do now and all the money you will be saving! 🙂

I have a fun project I am working on now using this. I can’t wait to share it with you. Probably in the next day or so.

As always thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment, and or share this with your friends!

Happy Crafting!  ❤


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