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Warm Fuzzies Reward Jar.

I have tried many different reward techniques with the kids to get them to do their chores and most either haven’t worked or they worked for a couple of weeks and then they were over it. A reward jar is something I have thought about many times. I originally wanted to do it with marbles then a friend on Facebook, who happens to be an amazing photographer in the Las Vegas/Green Valley, Henderson, NV area, Brittany Busk mentioned how a friend had suggested using warm fuzzies. I will explain that more later.

So, today we are making a jar to collect the warm fuzzies in.

Here is what you need.

  • Some craft glue or E-6000
  • wood letters and or decorations. ( you could also use foam stickers to make it easier but what’s the fun in that?)
  • some acrylic paint
  • a jar or your choice
  • paint brushes
  • news paper or paper towels to protect your work surface
  • warm fuzzies better known as pom poms

First we started by painting the letters and stars. We decided to use the first initial of each kid. You can let the kids help with this part. Here are two of my monkeys hard at work.

The acrylic pain dries pretty fast. You may need to put more than one coat to get good coverage.

Once they are dry you can glue them into place on the lid. Make sure the lid is on the jar and screwed all the way on so you can get your letters on right side up. other wise when you twist the top they may end up upside down.

You want to let it dry over night or at least not let the kids touch it till the next day so the glue will set.

Now you have some cute reward jars. How you use them is up to you. For me I am awarding warm fuzzies (pom poms) for good behavior, good deeds, and chores. It is also working to get my middle son to play better with his 3-year-old brother and it’s helping a bit with bed time for my youngest. Right now when they fill up a jar we will take them out for a treat (ice cream, smoothie, slushy, lunch date with mom or dad, etc.) For the bigger boys we want to eventually transition into an allowance. We will see how that goes. You decide what works best for your family. Maybe even trading in warm fuzzies for certain rewards or treats like tv or video game time? Maybe for a certain something they have been asking for? The possibilities are endless!

So here is one of our completed jars with some warm fuzzies inside.


Again a big thank you to Brittany Busk for giving me the warm fuzzy idea. This is so much better then marbles. If any of you are in the Las Vegas, Green Valley, Henderson, Summerlin area please look her up. She did our family pics last year hand they turned out AMAZING!! Look for your self.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this!


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