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One Week Down of Eating at Home…. (no recipe)

Yesterday was Day 7 of eating at home. This weekend has been hard. As some of you know we live in Central Oklahoma. If you have been watching the news you know that we have been dealing with some tornadoes here. We have had some big ones hit in our state. The closest to us was about 30-40 miles away. We spent all Friday and Saturday pretty much glued to the TV or internet keeping track of the storms. Cooking really wasn’t something I was in the mood to do and grabbing fast food or ordering pizza was really tempting. Thank goodness I had gone to the store Friday afternoon knowing this would probably happen. So, Saturday morning my husband got up and made oatmeal for the kids and I had vanilla/cocoa granola with vanilla yogurt. At around lunch time my youngest was begging for some Spongebob macaroni and cheese so while my husband got that going I made me and him a caesar salad and we had some crostinis with a smoked gouda cheese spread. None of us were really feeling dinner but we all wanted something sweet. I had decided earlier to have some strawberry short-cake for dessert and had the strawberries marinating since that morning. While no one was paying attention I decided to lighten the mood and sneak into the kitchen and get the shortcakes ready. I made some whipped cream and piled it along with the strawberries on top of the shortcake cups and served everyone a tasty treat. We decided to skip dinner and the kids just snacked a bit till bed time. So there you have it. We ate at home but I don’t really have some delicious recipe to share with you. Tonight’s dinner however was quite delicious and I will have that posted for you tomorrow. Thanks for reading and thanks to everyone that had our family in their thoughts as the scary weather approached. 🙂


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